2021 PBA Governors' Cup

The PBA Governors’ Cup is a tournament of the Philippine Basketball Association. Along with the PBA Commissioner’s Cup, the tournament is one of the two conferences that allows teams to hire a single foreign player, also known as an “import”. The tournament was first held in 1993 as the third conference of the PBA season.

It was discontinued in 2003 when the Reinforced Conference was revived. From 2004 to 2010, the league only held two conferences in a season; one All-Filipino tournament, named as the Philippine Cup and one with imports, named as the Fiesta Conference The tournament was re-instated in 2011 as the third conference of the PBA season after the league re-adopted the three conference format.

The Governors’ Cup also refers to the trophy awarded to the champion team.

The height limit for import players varies from every year. In 2011, the height adopted a handicapping system in which the top two teams of the combined results of the Philippine and Commissioner’s Cups are allowed to have an import with a 6’2″ height limit. The next four teams will be allowed with a 6’4″ import and the last two teams will be allowed with a 6’6″ import. In 2012, the handicapping was scrapped and the league set the height limit of imports to 6’5″.

While the tournament is underway, a team can play with an All-Filipino lineup only once. Imports can be replaced in the whole duration of the tournament (including finals).

Teams were allowed to hire an additional import with Asian heritage (called as the Asian import) with a height limit of 6’3″, from 2015 to 2016. The Asian heritage import provision was shelved in 2017 in lieu to the upcoming FIBA Asia Cup.

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